I Discover My “Sentence”

I had never been asked before to sum up all my aspirations, my personality, and myself as a whole in one sentence. Needless to say, I spent a few hours pondering on what the sentence that best defines me is. I went through many iterations, thinking about how I am always willing to help others, or how I am always someone you can talk to. I thought about how I always have unique viewpoints or solutions to problems, and about how I am a hard worker.

I could not think of a way to sum all of this up into one neat little sentence. And then it dawned on me. “He is someone you can always rely on.” I questioned whether that was the right sentence to personify me, and after much deliberation, I decided that it is. I am someone who can always be relied upon.

At work, I am responsible enough to manage over other coaches, engage with the kids (I am a soccer coach), handle all the equipment, and communicate with the parents. I would run a game or practice all on my own so much that my boss decided to promote me to Assistant Site Director.

I am someone my friends can always rely on. When they are unsure of what to do in a situation, or just need to vent their problems to someone, I am always the one that notices this and is there for them. I offer a fresh perspective and a creative solution that helps ease their minds and make their lives easier. Through technology and social media, I can be there for people I would have never met otherwise. I can give advice to someone halfway across the globe, who I have never seen in person before, but who I consider a friend because we interact online.

In the future, I hope to be as reliable as I am now, if not more so. I want to be the guy who is always early to work, who works hard the whole day, and who you can count on to get a tough job done. I want to be a strong cornerstone for my friends and coworkers, who is always willing to listen or help with their problems, but who you never have to worry about yourself.

I think that it is very hard to summarize a person into one sentence, especially someone who is still finding out who they are, who they want to be, and whose personality is constantly changing. However, I do know that no matter who I become or how I change, I always want to be this type of person: a reliable friend and worker. That will never change, so that is my sentence.




(I really liked how the other video showed all the students holding their sentence, so I decided to do it too! I wish my high school did that, it seems like it would be a good exercise for a lot of high school students.)