My First Blog Post!

Hello everyone! My name is Ben Williams, I am a Senior at Creighton University, and today I am going to talk about social media.

There are a lot of forms of social media that I use, and there are also a lot that I do not use. Currently, I use Snapchat, Twitch, Youtube, Pinterest, Reddit (occasionally) and a slew of image boards and forums. I use these forms of social media because I find them entertaining and because I can easily find and interact with people with similar interests and mindsets.

I used to use Facebook (very infrequently) but have stopped altogether. I could never think of anything to post and mostly got annoyed by what most others were posting. I used Twitter for a week but got bored of it. Again, I could never think of anything to tweet and did not care very much about what others were tweeting.

I have never used Instagram, Tumblr, Tinder, or any other social media app that I simply cannot think of at the moment. None of these apps or websites appealed to me, so I simply never use them.

I like how easy it is to connect with people and spread ideas and information over social media, but I do not like how easy it is to spread misinformation, hate, or how frequently people post stupid things.

Social media has changed communication for me because instead of straining to find people who like the same game as me, I can just go to Reddit’s Overwatch page and talk about the game there. It has also changed my communication because I use pictures and videos on Snapchat a lot to convey what I want more easily than through text.


Sometimes I just won’t be able to think of how to word something, or in text something I type might come off wrong, but if I take a picture of me making a goofy face with the text, it cannot be misinterpreted. This picture of me could come off as passive aggressive if it were just the text, but me making the goofy face makes it less aggressive.


My social media habits have stayed pretty much the same since high school. I go on Youtube and a couple image boards every day, and once every few days I go on the rest of my social media sites/apps.

I want to get experience using different forms of social media through this class, and I also want to gain a professional mindset when approaching social media, since something you say without thinking online can come back to haunt you in this day and age, so professionalism is important.