My Changed View of Social Media

Before starting my social media class, I rarely used social media. I viewed it pretty negatively, and did not see any real personal value in using it. I thought of it only as something you use to show off your meal. After taking this class, I have gained a much better understanding and appreciation of social media, especially Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Instead of just seeing them as ways to connect with people and talk about trivial things, I now see them as tools I can use. I can use them to create a personal brand for myself, putting myself out there for future employers to see. I can also use social media to connect with people who are the about to go into the same field as I am, and I can see what they are doing and learn from them.

Through taking this course, I also gained a much better understanding of how to use each type of social media effectively. Instagram is more focused on visuals, and grabbing attention, whereas Twitter focuses more on being active on your account. I pretty much knew how Facebook and LinkedIn worked, but through fully making a LinkedIn account, I really learned everything that it has to offer, and everything that future employers might look for when considering who to hire, or even for internships.


I really liked the format of this course, and I think that taking it as a summer class was a good idea. I could not imagine taking this as a normal course during the fall, with 75-minute classes. I think that given the subject matter, it makes perfect sense for this to be an online class, since social media is an online platform. It also made it feel more authentic, since most people do not go to a classroom to make twitter posts. By doing it at home, it felt more like I was just using social media to use it, not because it was for a class, and that naturally gave me more freedom regarding the subject matter of my tweets and blogs.

(Blogging at home is much better than in a classroom!)

This course was definitely effective for me. I went from not even considering using social┬ámedia, to using it a bit, to actually wanting to use it in my free time. If that is not considered a success for a social media course, then I do not know what is. I also learned how important social media is in today’s society and just how powerful it is, and how much of an impact it can have on someone’s life.