The Best Instagram Brands I’ve Seen


As someone who does not use Instagram, I have only seen a few Instagram pictures in my lifetime. Whether it be a cool or funny picture my friend Jack shows me, or a beautiful view that one of my other friends knows I will like to see. I do not think that I have ever seen an Instagram picture from a nonprofit, and I have only seen a handful of pictures from a for-profit company.

After looking at the nonprofit organizations and their Instagram pictures in the reading, the one that stood out to me was World Help. They choose to focus on one person in their pictures, instead of a group of people or something non-personal. By focusing on one person, they are saying, “This is the person (or type of person) you can help.” It gives a more personal attachment to the organization and makes the audience more inclined to donate or help the organization in any way they can. By having the person in the photo smile, you give a more positive atmosphere to your post, people are more likely to read about the photo, and they can see that their contribution is positively affecting others’ lives. None of the other nonprofits in the reading had the same effect on me.

In the other reading, the most effective Instagram account was #FollowMeTo. Without having ever seen the actual account, I knew about #FollowMeTo. I had seen others mimicking the format, sometimes comically. The images are simple, yet beautiful. The woman leading you by the hand grabs your attention and pulls you in to the middle of the picture right away, and then you focus on the background, which keeps you looking at the picture even longer. In the world of information overload, you want people to stop scrolling through their feed to look at your picture, and #FollowMeTo does a great job of that. It also has others participating as well.

The thing I found from these two brands, and all the brands in the reading, were how clean, simple, and vibrant the pictures are. They all give a positive feeling, with bright colors and smiling faces. They also are attention-grabbing, which is very important. It seems like they post the pictures with the mindset that anyone around the world will see the picture, and so the pictures they post are created in such a way that they cannot possibly offend or be misconstrued by anyone. This I will definitely keep in mind with my own Instagram account.